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The Teams Behind Our Relationship

Just as we stand behind you to help you pursue your financial dreams, we have teams standing behind us and supporting our business.  These firms also strengthen our relationship by providing the resources we need to better serve you. 


Our Broker-Dealer: Cetera Advisor Networks

We are affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry and part of the family of independently managed firms of Cetera Financial Group. Cetera Financial Group is the cornerstone of the retail advice division of RCS Capital Corporation, a publicly traded company (NYSE: RCAP), focused on serving the needs of investors with best-inclass solutions. We think it’s important for you to know who these partners are and why we have chosen to work with them. As my broker-dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks is responsible for executing trades on your behalf. Like all broker-dealers, it must undergo regular auditing, and is required to meet specific net capital requirements to ensure it can meet its obligations to investors like you. But their support for our relationship goes well beyond its function as trade executor.

Our affiliation means that we are not held to a sales quota or tied to selling only proprietary products. We have the independence and freedom to recommend the financial solutions that best suit your needs, ensuring your objectives are what drive all decisions. The network of people and resources we have access to help us pursue your unique goals and vision for the future. And the depth of support we receive includes areas such as wealth management solutions, technology, research, product due diligence and industry insight that help us make more informed decisions. In addition, we're given the regulatory supervision, guidance, and training to ensure that we are informed of regulatory changes and requirements— oversight that also helps protect you.


Our Custodians: Pershing and Cetera Investment Services



While a broker-dealer helps supervise and facilitate the trading that converts your cash into invested assets, those assets are actually held by a custodian. Cetera Advisor Networks works with two custodians. Cetera Investment Services LLC custodies individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to ensure they meet Internal Revenue Code requirements for tax deferral. Pershing LLC custodies brokerage accounts (including the brokerage accounts within IRAs) and fulfills a legal responsibility for safeguarding your assets while also providing related administrative services on your behalf, including settlement of purchases, tax and account record keeping, monthly statements, confidentiality and data integrity protections, and more. 

Pershing is a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, which is the nation’s oldest continuously operating bank and one of the world’s leading providers of securities services. Cetera Investment Services is an affiliate of Cetera Advisor Networks, and is a broker-dealer providing brokerage and other services to its own clients in addition to providing IRA custodial services to Cetera Advisor Networks’ clients. Like Cetera Advisor Networks, both Pershing and Cetera Investment Services have to meet certain net capital requirements and are subject to regular audits, both internally and by independent firms, to ensure the appropriate handling, segregation and protection of investors’ assets.  

Strength From Integrity

While Cetera may be a new name to you, over the past 30 years its family of companies has grown to manage over $110 billion in client assets, delivering award-winning* advisory products and solutions and sophisticated trading and technology platforms to us and 8,000 other advisors across all 50 states. And they have achieved that growth by setting the standard in professional ethics and compliance oversight. It is one of the most important reasons we have chosen to affiliate with them. We and every financial professional who affiliates with them must meet and continuously adhere to their strict policies and culture of risk management. In addition, every investment we recommend has been rigorously reviewed and then approved by the industry experts of their Research and Due Diligence teams. While this doesn’t remove the normal risks associated with investing, it does ensure that the investments represent legitimate opportunities, are based on well-understood economic models, and carry strong economic merit within the current market.


How Cetera Advisor Networks Helps to Protect You

Our affiliation with Cetera Advisor Networks means that:

  • We are registered as a general or limited securities registered representative, which allows us to offer investment products, and requires examinations, ongoing continuing education, and background and fingerprint checks
  • We must be registered by Cetera Advisor Networks within each state we conduct business 
  • We are subject to credit checks conducted by Cetera Advisor Networks to ensure a history of financial responsibility
  • Our business is subject to regular auditing
  • We must attend an annual compliance meeting to ensure knowledge about any changes in the regulatory environment 


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